AstraZeneca Teams Up with AI Firm in Quest for Cancer Cure

AstraZeneca, renowned for its breakthrough in COVID-19 vaccine development, is joining forces with Absci, a U.S.-based AI biologics firm, to create an antibody aimed at cancer treatment. The Financial Times reported on December 3 that AstraZeneca is committing up to $247 million to this venture, covering research, development, milestone achievements, and an initial fee. This collaboration is set to develop a zero-shot generative AI model for innovating and enhancing cancer antibody treatments, though the specific types of cancer being targeted remain unspecified.

Absci’s innovative technology, which involves screening billions of cells each week to quickly develop antibodies into lab-validated candidates within a six-week timeframe, is currently being utilized in 17 active projects. AstraZeneca’s senior vice-president, Puja Sapra, emphasized the significant impact of AI in boosting the efficiency and diversity of biologics discovery.

“AI is enabling us to not only increase the success and speed of our biologics discovery process, but also enhance the diversity of the biologics we discover.”

Puja Sapra

Sean McClain, CEO of Absci, has acknowledged the collaboration with AstraZeneca, aiming to further their AI-driven endeavors, as mentioned in a Reuters report. While additional information from Absci is pending, the integration of AI in healthcare is gaining momentum. This is evident in initiatives like the deployment of AI by Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority to combat multidrug-resistant organisms through the analysis of clinical data for antibiotic prescriptions, thereby addressing the growing concern of superbugs.

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